How to Recycle Many Used Toothbrushes at Once

We are all required to properly care for our teeth and the general health of our mouth. The most important tool for ensuring proper oral hygiene is the toothbrush. Toothbrushes mainly come in two forms manual and powered.The most common form that is widely used is the manual form. Manual toothbrushes can have bamboo handles or plastic handles. For toothbrushes made of bamboo handles, bristles can be made from nylon or from boar hair.

Bamboo being a plant, toothbrush handles made from bamboo are biodegradable. But then , why can't all the toothbrushes handles be made from bamboo? A simple answer to this is, bamboo is not widely available as compared to plastics. This leaves us with no other option but to continue using toothbrushes made fully from plastics. Toothbrushes made from plastics are equally effective in maintaining good oral hygiene, the problem is disposing them off after their use. Like other plastics, toothbrushes made from plastics if not repurposed they end up in landfills where they take many years to biodegrade.

What can we do as individuals to reduce chances of old toothbrushes ending up in landfills?

Here are a few recycling activities we can use those old toothbrushes for.

If you are constrained with time you can look for Colgate recycling Solutions near you. Alternatively look for plastic recycling centers near you that accept used toothbrushes.

What if old toothbrushes accumulate rapidly in your household?

A Used-toothbrushes Coat hanger

If you have a large household and if all of you are using toothbrushes as required, that is replacing your toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months or sooner(if members within the household get sick or toothbrushes are handled roughly). You will need to have a good way of recycling those used toothbrushes that can accumulate rapidly. One good way of recycling many toothbrushes at once is creating coat hangers from used toothbrushes. You can create beautiful, strong and long lasting hangers out of your used toothbrushes.Coat hangers that will go a long way in organizing your wardrobe

Here is how I made a coat hanger out of used toothbrushes

Tools You Need

Materials to Use


A Collection of Used toothbrushes Prepared used toothbrushes Used Toothbrushes held together by Screws Used toothbrushes coat hanger in use
  1. Have your Used toothbrushes.

    - Have a specific place within your house where members of your family can place all their used toothbrushes. This will make it easy to get them when you want to use them.
  2. Clean well

    - Clean well your used toothbrushes, soak your used toothbrushes in a washing deterget. Rinse them, then dry them up.
  3. Remove the bristles.

    - Use a scapel to remove bristles from cleaned toothbrushes. This will make it easy for brushes to have proper contacts.
  4. Shape your toothbrushes.

    - Use a heat source(a candle or a lighter) to curve brushes into the right shapes.
  5. Make joints.

    - Use a soldering rod or a pointed metal to puncture holes where joints will be.
  6. Hold brushes together.

    - Use screws to hold toothbrushes together.
  7. Remove Screws.

    - Replace screws with wires. That is remove screws carefully then replace with wires. It will be easier to smoothen wires than screws
  8. Smoothen wires.

    - Smoothen sharp edges of the wire by carefully tacking the wires sharp points using a pliers.
  9. Test your hanger

    - Test to see if your hanger is strong enough by placing a clothe on it. If toothbrushes curves were done well and wires were firmly done then you should have a coat hanger.
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