How to Create Birds Cages from Old Hard Plastics and Empty Cement Bags

We are heavily surrounded by plastics, the question is, should we let plastics overwhelm us? Unfortunately, from the look of things we seem to be throwing in our towels on how to handle used plastics. It is estimated that the world produces more than 400 million metric tonnes of plastics each year. Listen to this! Less than 10% of these plastics gets recycled!

These levels of used plastics exposes us the earthlings(all living things on planet earth) to major problems like; taking up useful space on earth, that could have been used for other things, plastics kills marine life, these plastics get injested by marine animals "thinking" they are food, these plastics release chemicals that ends up contaminating the planets soil and water, these plastics also gets broken into very small pieces which we humans also consume and finally plastics contribute to harmful emissions. In 2019 plastics generated 1.8 billion metric tonnes of greenhouse gases from their manufacturing processes, this is 3.4% of the global total emission!

What can we do as individuals to remedy these problems brought about by plastics?

  1. Avoid single use plastics if you can. - Invest in reusable items like water bottles, shopping bags.
  2. Buy stuff in bulk if you can. - Buying in bulk reduces multiple packaging for individual items.
  3. Recycle/ reuse used plastics. - Try not to throw away plastics, get creative make something out of it.

Here are examples of some creative things you can do with plastics

see more recycling ideas

A Complete Bird Cage

What if you have pieces of hard plastics? Can they be of use?

The answer is yes! Here is something we can create from plastic pieces. We will create a bird's cage. There are different types of domestic birds that are reared. Birds require spaces for sleeping at night/ simply where to stay or cages for transporting them from one location to another. These cages needs to be relatively strong, well ventilated to prevent birds from suffocating, easy to clean and can be easily be created.

Here is a simple way of creating birds cages from easily available recycled hard plastics.

Tools You Need

Materials to Use


Used Hard Plastics Square Piece with Holes Bird Cage Frame Creating Plastic Mesh Using Plastic Squares
  1. Cleaning plastics and cement bags

    - Clean your hard plastics and cement bags thoughroughly; Wash them well and have them get dry.
  2. Cutting plastics

    - Cut your plastics into squares approximatly 1 inch or smaller(depending on the size of the holes/spaces between plastics you would prefer)
  3. Creating holes on plastic pieces

    - Create holes on each of your plastic squares made in(step 2)above.
  4. Create a frame of the cage

    - You can use wires or wood; In this craft I used wires.
    - When creating a frame don't forget to create a door for birds; On this craft you can open the top cover and the front part.
    - I used binding wires to hold those strong wires together; I got strong wires from handles of old backets.
  5. Cover the frame

    - Wrap cement bags around your wire frame, leave an allowance for the plastic pieces. If your cage will be for transporting birds you can omit cement bags and use plastic pieces only.
  6. Create a mesh using plastic pieces

    - Join plastic pieces together to create a mesh.
  7. Cover your cage with the created mesh

    - Use your created mesh to cover places you left uncovered by the cement bags(step 5)

There you have your cage!
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