How to Create Gardening Gloves from Old Jeans

Gardening gloves are essential within a garden. Gloves are basically part of the gardening attire. Due to the numerous tasks within the garden, you need to choose the right gloves for the right task, your choice should be guided by the level of risk within that task (chemical handling, sharp objects, repetitive tasks like digging),ease of movement, the sensitivity of touch required(be in a position to operate equipment easily).

The benefits of using gardening gloves include;

1. Preventing hand injuries; cuts,burns, skin irritation, abrasion, blisters, nerve or tendon damage and electric shocks.

When you wear gloves, your hands are kept safe from direct contact with sharp points or edges and as well hot surfaces(hence reducing chances of cuts or burns). Skin irritation is minimized by not getting into direct contact with chemicals. Chances of blisters and abrations that can come about as a result of handling fatigue are reduced.

2. Improves grip on equipment or what is being worked on

Gardening tools needs proper handling to do what you need to utilize them for. For example if you wanted to make a hole on the ground using a crowbar, you will need good gloves to hold the crowbar well.

3. Keeps your hands clean

Gloves makes it relatively easy to work in a garden, while working you might need to switch between tasks, if you are wearing gloves it will be as simple as removing gloves and doing the other task, but if not it will be very cumbersome to always struggle to clean your hands before doing other tasks.

Both Hands Gloves - Front Side

The most common types of materials used to create gardening gloves are rubber, leather and fabric. These gloves can be made purely from rubber, leather, fabric or a combination of rubber leather or fabric. Availability and prices may differ depending on the materials used to create them. Here is some good news, you can create your own gloves from easily available materials. You can create gloves from old jeans, customize it to your liking. Utilizing your own created gloves increases the level of fun in doing your gardening work, you will also be happy to know that you are recycling a fabric that could have ended up in a landfill.

Due to ever changing fashions, large volumes of clothing end up in landfills. Utilizing an old jeans or any other garment in a way that will prevent it from getting into dumpsites or incenarators is highly encouraged. This is highly beneficial to our environment, clothing require alot of resources(water and power) to create, it is therefore in the best interest of our planet to utilize these clothing longer than we usually do.

I have been using gardening gloves created from old jeans for a number of years now. Let's look at how to create these gloves from old jeans.

Tools You Need

Materials to Use


Glove has just been drawn - Place your hand and draw with chalk Both Hands After Cutting - Back Side Glove in progress being made - Front Side Attaching an Inner lining to the Glove - Front Side
  1. Create the shape of your glove

    Place your hand over the jeans, draw the shape using a chalk. or Create a shape of your hand on a carton box then use the created shape on the box to create a shape on the jeans.
  2. Cut into size

    Use a pair of scissors to cut the shape of your hand that you made in step 1.
    NOTE: Make sure when cutting the jeans fabric, you have two fabrics; the front side fabric and the back side fabric. The front fabric facing up and the back fabric facing down. That is both pieces, for the front and back should be done at the same time.
  3. Cut the side strip

    Cut a strip of jeans, measuring one inch wide; to be used on the side of the glove.
  4. Cut the wrist pieces

    Cut two trapezium shaped pieces of jeans;They will be used for the gloves wrist
  5. Real Work

  6. Create the front side

    Place the front fabric over a T-shirt fabric - Use pins to hold together the jeans fabric and the t-shirt fabric or use a visible thread to hold them together.
  7. Harden your Glove

    Add leather pieces onto the fabric; be sure to use a tough thread(I used old motor vehicle tire thread)
  8. Remove visible inner lining

    Cut-off using scissors the visible inner lining from step 6 above
  9. Combine the strip + trapezium pieces (in step 3) with the front piece.

    - Use a visible thread to hold the pieces together.
  10. Sew the front piece to the side pieces

    Sew them(Front piece and the strip + the trapezium) together using a tough thread
  11. Prepare the back piece

    - Attach a t-shirt fabric like in step 5. - You can add leather pieces; but for this back piece, it is optional to add leather pieces.
  12. Attach the back piece to the front and strip

    Attach onto the already done(step 8);the back piece.
  13. Sew the back piece

    Sew the back piece using a tough thread.
  14. Make it easy to wear and remove

    Create a hem for the glove.

  15. Glove Completed - Back Side with Hem Glove Completed - Front Side
    There you have your glove!
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